Since the first day we stepped into the sector in 1992, as ORKA, we have been bringing our unique bathroom cabinet designs to our customers. 

  • We invest in advanced technology because we are innovative.
  • We are the pioneer of the industry because we offer Creative and Solution-Oriented products
  • Our products are preferred because we add value 
  • We are growing fast because we are dynamic 
  • We are in love with our work because we work every day with the same excitement and passion as the first day.


As ORKA, we believe that our employees are our most valuable partners. The environment of mutual belonging, loyalty, and trust that we have built with our valuable colleagues who believe in our dreams and work for our common goals with as much enthusiasm as we do is our most valuable investment. 

Success Orientation, Initiative, Teamwork, Access to Correct Information, Interpersonal Communication and Creation Competencies are the Corporate Identity elements that we want each of our employees to have.


We design and manage our organization in the light of internationally accepted business evaluation methodologies and best practices. Units, positions and roles are constantly kept up-to-date to optimize our efficiency and effectiveness within the framework of our corporate operating model and processes. 

We determine our wage policy by considering the sector and general market conditions and taking into account the wage research results, and we strive to offer competitive wages to our employees. 


We see each of our employees as a key stakeholder and participant in our success. We update the Performance Targets we set within the framework of company financials and our Key Success Indicators every year and share them with our employees in line with their position levels. 

The ORKA competency model consists of 3 parts: basic company competencies, level-based competencies and position-based competencies. With the 360⁰ Competency Measurement, we make detailed competency measurement for each of our employees, analyze the improvement areas in detail, and support our employees with feedback and development programs. 


We include our star employees, who have been successful successively in their performance and competence results, in the training and development journey to become the ORKA management of the future. Together with our talented employees, we design and manage their career journeys.

We support and guide our employees, whom we believe to have high potential, in the areas of training, coaching, or mentorship they need. 


Applications of candidates who are suitable for our Corporate Identity and who have the basic qualifications of the relevant position are collected online, processed in accordance with KVKK (Personal Data Protection Law), and suitable candidates are selected and placed as a result of competency-based interviews with suitable candidates. 


ORKA is a company that respects the working conditions and environmental protection standards specified in international agreements, believes in sustainable development, prioritizes ethical values, and protects nature. 

In our production processes, energy and natural resources are used efficiently, we minimize our wastes, and dispose of them in accordance with the laws. 

ORKA guarantees compliance with the working environment and conditions specified in local & international Occupational Health and Safety and Labor Laws. In this context,   

  • Prevents child labor
  • Implements fair wage policies
  • Stands up against precarious work and all forms of discrimination
  • Supports decent working hours
  • Expects its employees to act within the framework of ethical rules. 

Our employees guide their behaviour and decisions by answering the following questions: 

  • Am I acting in accordance with the law?
  • Am I acting in accordance with the Corporate Culture?
  • Am I acting in the best interests of the company?
  • Am I acting in accordance with the Code of Conduct?
  • Can I easily explain my actions to my manager and colleagues?
  • Can I easily explain my actions to my family and loved ones?
  • Is my actions in line with public opinion and social and personal conscience?

If the answer to even one of these questions is "No", our employees are obliged to get opinions from their managers or Human Resources before taking this action.

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