Production & Technology


With its quarter-century experience, dynamic structure, and capacity in the bathroom furniture industry, ORKA Bathroom carries out innovative and original designs by supporting its expertise gained by producing only stylish and useful bathroom furniture with state-of-the-art production systems, quality and after-sales service understanding and takes firm steps towards becoming a worldwide brand with its rich product range…

ORKA Bayno, which has met with its consumers in 5 million homes and 84 countries around the world as the sector leader for 29 years in the country, continues to grow by increasing its brand awareness and market share every day with more than 450 sales points in 81 provinces all over Turkey.

Today, with its more than 350 competent personnel, it makes production in universal quality using the latest German and Italian production technologies in a 40 thousand m2 indoor area on an 100 thousand m2 outdoor land in its production facility located in Düzce. Having an average annual production capacity of 750 thousand modules of bathroom furniture, ORKA Banyo reflects the importance it attaches to cutting-edge technology, R&D and P&D studies in all its processes. It includes sustainable studies in order to improve products and services based on customer satisfaction and to increase the existing quality level more effectively. ORKA Banyo, which transforms the quality into a standard in the long-lasting products it produces by combining first-class quality materials with the latest technology production lines and computer-aided production methods, successfully processes artistic details in mass production. With its understanding of quality service from A to Z, it continues to be the choice of its customers in B2B and B2C segments.

Combining technology with art, ORKA Banyo brings practical solutions to bathrooms with its innovative products by designing new products every year in order to transform boutique production into series by using its technological power. It produces modular, stylish and comfortable products that are in line with today's trends, giving life to wood with easy installation, giving importance to environmental health with its unique designs with world-class quality, flexible usage areas.

Acting with the awareness that producing stylish and functional bathroom furniture with world-class quality requires the use of high-level technology, unique service and quality raw materials, ORKA Banyo constantly implements innovations that will inspire the bathroom furniture market. As an institution that attaches importance to R&D and P&D with its innovation-based production in the Design + Quality + Service triangle, it ensures continuity in product quality with the supervision of every stage of production by quality control engineers.

ORKA Banyo, which has also carried out new process design and technology development projects to increase productivity within the framework of its R&D activities, constantly reflects the superior technology it uses and the high quality understanding it adopts to its bathroom designs with its R&D investments.