Frequently Asked Questions


  • How Can I Convey My Opinion, Suggestion, and Complaint to You?

    You can send it via the form on the contact page on our website.

  • Do you provide warranty in case of damage to the products during transportation?

    Damages that may occur during transportation are not covered by the warranty. If there is a problem with our bathroom products, the packaging must be opened by the Authorized Service so that the products can be replaced free of charge under warranty.

  • What are the factors that negatively affect product warranty conditions?

    Damages that may occur due to assembly or use in our bathroom products are not considered within the scope of warranty.

  • Does the warranty period start from the date of installation?

    No, the warranty period starts from the invoice date.

  • Can I replace my defective product with a new one immediately?

    If there are more than 2 of the same faults and more than 4 of the different faults within 1 year, the product can be replaced with a new one.

  • Does your authorized service have workmanship warranty?

    The workmanship warranty period of our authorized services in Bathroom Furniture is 2 years.

  • Can I get Installation Service at ORKA Bathroom?

    You can get this service through our own retail store in Istanbul.

  • What should I pay attention to when assembling Bathroom Furniture?

    Make sure to have the product installed by authorized services, and prevent water from coming into the cabinet by applying antibacterial silicone between the sink cabinet and the wall. Damage to the product as a result of assembly error is not considered within the scope of warranty.

Product Selection / Order Stage

  • Ürünlerin Fiyatlarını Nereden Öğrenebilirim?

    Satış noktalarımızdan öğrenebilirsiniz. Sizlere en yakın satış noktalarına www.orkabanyo.com.tr adresimizden ulaşabilirsiniz.

  • What should I pay attention to when buying Bathroom Furniture?

    The size of your bathroom and your bathroom cabinet selection play an important role. First of all, the bathroom cabinet you will buy should fit in your bathroom and create a spacious space if possible.

    While making plans for the cabinet you will buy, you should ask yourself the following questions;

    -What will you use the cabinet for? 
    -Is the space to put the cabinet wide or narrow? What is the height? 
    -How many shelves do you need in the cabinet? What should the depths, heights and widths of the shelves be? 
    -Do you need a drawer? 
    -Do you want a mirrored cabinet? If you want a mirrored bathroom cabinet, how high should the mirror be? 
    -Which colour should match the accessories and wall colours of your bathroom?

Delivery Phase

Installation / Maintenance / Repair

  • Doors rubbing against each other

    Cause: Heavy load on the doors or inside the cabinet.

    Solution: Adjust with the hinge adjustment screws.

Warranty Coverage – Orka Bathroom Furniture

Warranty Coverage – Orka Plus Bathroom Accessories