ORKA Bathroom, founded in 1992 in Bakırköy by Ömer Yılmaz for the sale of construction materials, preferred to specialize in the field of bathroom furniture and continued on its way as ORKA in 1994, in order to provide better quality service in line with the needs of the market, directing all its knowledge and experience to the production of bathroom furniture and became the new trend setter of bathroom living spaces. Currently, it is taking firm steps towards becoming a worldwide brand under the name of ORKA Ahşap ve Yapı Ürünleri San. A.Ş. by growing even more.

ORKA Banyo, which continued its production at full speed in Zeytinburnu by moving to an area of 4000 square meters in 2003, just 9 years after its establishment, experienced a sudden demand explosion with the TÜYAP UNICERA Fair, which it participated for the first time, and started to reach wider masses by entering Koçtaş Construction Markets the next year.

Ömer Yılmaz had other plans for ORKA Banyo, which cannot fit into its field in the face of increasing demand. Deciding to establish his own factory, Ömer Yılmaz laid the foundations of the factory in Düzce in 2008 and started production in the factory in Düzce, which consists of 10,000 square meters of indoor and 50,000 square meters of outdoor space, just 5 months later.

ORKA Banyo, which has proven itself with its quality, continues its production area with new investments every year in 2021 with 40,000 square meters of indoor area and 80,000 square meters of outdoor space.


Additional Logistics Facility was built.

Switched to ERP (SAP S4/HANA) software.

BSCI Social Compliance Management System Certificate was obtained.



Sedex certificate was obtained.

ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate was obtained.

Covid-19 Safe Production Place Certificate was obtained.



The title of Design Centre Office was taken.

Recognized Brand Title was taken.

The success of selling to all continents, together with Australia, was achieved.


C-class approved person status certificate was obtained.


2000 square meters of showroom area was built.


Machinery investment has been made.

It was among the companies that export the most in the furniture group.


ORKA Plus brand for bathroom complementary products and accessories was born.

CE Declaration was obtained.

TS ISO 10002:2005 Customer Satisfaction Management System Certificate was obtained.

GS Certificate was obtained.


The machine park was expanded.

FSC® Certificate was obtained.


Capacity increase, additional building investment was made. Indoor area became 20.000 m2

Investment made in four edgebanding lines.


TS ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System Certificate was obtained.

TS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certificate was obtained.

TS ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System Certificate was obtained.


TS EN 14749 Quality Conformity Certificate was obtained.

Construction projects started.


Factory construction started in Düzce.

Production started in the factory established in Düzce with an indoor area of 10.000 m2 and an outdoor area of 50,000 m2.

UV Lacquer line investment was made.