Tips To Create Special Bathroom

Tips To Create Special Bathroom



Tips for Creating a Special Bathroom

How about creating special bathrooms where functionality and design are at the highest level as well as ease of use? Here are expert tips for creating custom bathrooms.

A lot of things have changed in bathroom designs over the years. Today, bathrooms are now a special area where users spend time with pleasure, and as such, while talking about bathrooms reshaped with ease of use, functionality, design, and designer signatures, selection criteria and alternatives have increased.

Gani Ergül, Business Development Manager of a famous brand, explained the tips for creating special bathrooms.


You can start with the right lighting. Right lighting is about improving efficiency and user experience. Illuminating the vanity, tub and/or shower and toilet is often sufficient for a bathroom. All lights in the bathroom should be dimmable. Lights that turn on and off slowly are useful, especially in homes with children.


Imagine your favorite songs accompanying you in the shower as you start your day.  This pleasure is no longer a dream, as it is now common to install music speaker systems behind walls and on bathroom ceilings, which are connected and controlled via smartphone apps. A music system can also do wonders to make the bathroom livable.

Shower accessories

Today, shower heads and shower accessories equipped with many features are designed to offer the user a SPA-like experience such as rejuvenation and muscle relaxation. Products that make you enjoy SPA at home turn bathrooms into pleasant spaces to spend a long time. In addition, the seating areas placed in the showers encourage people to relax, slow down, and enjoy the shower experience.