A Guide For Creating Wonders In Small Bathrooms

A Guide For Creating Wonders In Small Bathrooms



A Guide for Creating Wonders in Small Bathrooms

Gani Ergül, Business Development Manager of ORKA Banyo, explains the tricks of decoration in small bathrooms.

It's time to return to our shell, to shrink, to simplify… The increasing popularity of practical and minimalist lives in small spaces paves the way for compact designs in bathroom decoration. Gani Ergül, Business Development Manager of ORKA Banyo which put the Turkish signature on bathroom design, explains the tricks of creating functional, comfortable and at the same time stylish bathrooms.

SPA in small square meters

Your bathroom is your private SPA where you can be alone with yourself in your living space… Don't be fooled by its small square meter size, bathrooms not only respond to your basic needs with a rational design, but also complete your decoration style with an elegant integrity. Gani Ergül, Business Development Manager of ORKA Banyo, recommends starting with getting the right measurements of the bathroom and making the right plan step by step.

Ergül says "The layout of your small bathroom will be determined by its size and shape, but here are some important points. For example, can you change the waste pipe and therefore the location of the toilet as you wish? Can you choose a sliding door to save space? Do you have fixtures that make it impossible to use the bathroom comfortably? Can you prefer non-radiator heating systems such as underfloor heating? After clarifying these issues, you can make your small bathroom as spacious as possible with other choices."

Wall-mounted products provide a sense of cohesion.

Wall-mounted bathroom cabinets are one of the smart ideas that create the illusion of a larger bathroom as they allow the floor underneath the connections to be seen. When combined with light flooring, wall-mounted products can fully feel the large bathroom effect.

Pay attention to the choice of shower cabin.

Instead of a bulky shower tray, a frameless glass shower enclosure will reduce visual clutter in small bathrooms and allow light to flow in the bathroom. Gani Ergül says, '"he continuity of the tiles on the floor and on the walls will extend the area and make the room look wider without breaking it down", and adds that placing a large mirror on the bathroom cabinet will also greatly benefit. Hanging a large, round, and frameless mirror in a small bathroom will maximize the feeling of spaciousness.

Maximize vertical spaces with ladder rack.

A small bathroom design should include smart storage solutions. At the same time, vertical areas should be used to the maximum since horizontal layouts will make the room look flat.

You can add the ladder, which can be used both as storage and as a vertical accessory, to your shopping list. The ladder where you can hide your towels by hanging them will suit your small bathroom.

You can choose open shelves to avoid the box feeling.

If you are worried regarding a design that is stuck like a box in a small bathroom, there is a remarkable suggestion: to use open shelves… Open shelves not only offer a spacious look, but also become a stylish design with objects such as house plants, towels, and candles. Open shelves can help you make the most of a small bathroom.

Rely on good bathroom lighting.

A small bathroom is also likely to be dark as it will have few windows. For this reason, if your small bathroom cannot get enough daylight, you need to balance the light not only with overhead light, but also with supporting lighting.

It's time for colours...

You can choose bright colours to create a more airy bathroom. In small bathrooms, you should avoid dark colours to avoid the colours restricting the space. You can be sure that light colours such as white or beige or pastel colours will suit your small bathroom very well.