Selecting The Right Colour in Bathroom Decoration

Selecting The Right Colour in Bathroom Decoration



Would you like to go out of the ordinary and create a striking design by using the power of colours in bathroom decoration?

The fashion wind that started to blow in bathroom decoration has become very popular in recent years. You can use the power of colours to go out of the ordinary and create an eye-catching decoration. Gani Ergül, Business Development Manager, talked as to selecting the right colour for bathroom decoration.

Ideal background: Black and white

Adding freshness and depth to any environment it is in, white is among the indispensable colours in bathrooms in terms of creating a hygienic appearance. Those who want to add some movement to the plain look of white prefer black. White and black, which are among the contrast colours that provide the most perfect harmony, create an ideal background color in bathrooms. A classic art deco design can be created in bathrooms by including mirrors and accessories in various colours that match this background. The point needed to be noted is that the dark colour, namely black, is used on the floor and white on the walls. In this way, the bathroom can be made to look much more spacious and wider than it is.

Gray, which stands out in bathroom trends, offers many combinations with its 50 different tones ranging from light smoke to metallic dark gray. Harmonizing with existing fixtures and many accessories in different styles, gray creates visual pleasure in bathrooms and helps to create an anti-stress atmosphere. In bathrooms that are predominantly gray, pastel-toned candles and towel accessories or splashes of colour with bright details can be used. However, a modern and natural look can be achieved in the bathroom by using gray wood details on floor tiles and cabinets. In dark and small bathrooms, care should be taken to use light tones of gray to add more depth and color.

Create a fun atmosphere

Neutral colours are among the best choices for those who want to create a minimalist style in bathrooms. Simple bathrooms with soft tones of wall tiles or marble floors provide a peaceful environment with the modern look they create. However, using neutral colours too much can sometimes create a cold atmosphere or a monotonous look. In bathrooms where neutral colors are predominantly used, you can eliminate the ordinariness by using pastel tones such as yellow, blue, and green. Or you can create an interesting and exciting look by choosing an orange sink or a red toilet in a bathroom with neutral colours from the wall floor to the floor covering.

Bathroom decorations, in which the colour blue is predominantly used and the nautical theme is at the forefront, continue to be popular. It is possible to create a fun atmosphere in the bathroom by combining different shades of blue with porthole mirrors and lighthouse wallpaper. Or you can create a colour scheme reminiscent of a sea view by starting from the blue at the bottom and placing the lighter shades of blue upwards on the wall covering. For flooring, it will be the right decision to choose pebble-cut tiles or pale pine floors. At the same time, you can achieve a great harmony by including starfish, seashell, tiny stone accessories ,and wicker details in the decoration.

You can do wonders in the bathroom.

The symbol of cleanliness, the colour white, continues to be indispensable for bathrooms. Although it is difficult to maintain, the first selection of those who adopt a simple and minimal style in bathroom decorations is white. While the white-furnished bathroom decoration reveals the elegance created by simplicity, it can sometimes create a very ordinary image. For those who want to prevent it, you can create a minimal but effective atmosphere by including colourful accessories, plant species, or a dynamic bathroom rug in the bathroom.

You can blend complementary colors with each other to get a stronger look in bathroom decoration. It is quite easy to create an assertive bathroom by combining bold colours such as orange and blue, red and green, yellow and gray, which are known as traditional colour pairs. Especially in large bathrooms, you can achieve a perfect harmony by combining dark wood flooring with yellow accessories. Or you can create wonders in the bathroom with tiles designed with striking colours complementing each other.

Although it is not preferred much, pink, which puts an end to the ordinariness in bathrooms with its warm and romantic attitude, manages to add dynamism and vitality to the environment for a short time thanks to its attractiveness. Creating a soft touch in bathroom decoration and emphasizing femininity, pink also creates a great contrast with colors such as white and coral. You can once again bring to light the hidden power of colours by pairing accessories such as a pink bath mat or shower curtain with coral-coloured walls.

With natural and deep colours, you can add instant warmth to dark and small bathrooms with limited natural light. A bathroom designed with rich tones of brown, yellow, red, and orange will create a pleasant atmosphere with its warm and friendly atmosphere. Those who want to create more impact and a remarkable bathroom can choose natural wood or wood-effect materials, deep woven carpets, and white armatures.