How Does a Bathroom Look Bigger?

How Does a Bathroom Look Bigger?



If you have a small bathroom or just want to enlarge your existing bathroom, you should definitely take a look at our tips.

From the best interior design tips recommended by top interior designers to storage solutions for your small bathroom, here are a few details we can recommend when it comes to getting rid of clutter and giving your bathroom more space.


The first important recommendation we have is to use natural light as much as possible! Natural light is always a good way to go, whether you're thinking about how a small half-bath will look bigger or you have a full bathroom. This tip will make a small bathroom look bigger because smaller bathrooms can look dark, dingy and often a bit cramped. Good natural sunlight instantly opens up your room, brightens your bathroom fixtures and gives the appearance of a larger space. Of course, this can be done in a number of different ways.

First, you can examine your window layout. You can see how natural light from the bathroom window can be more effective in your small space. If you have the opportunity for this, you can expand your bathroom windows and allow the light to reflect into the environment. So your bathroom will look like a slightly larger space. Bathroom designs always aim to provide as much natural lighting as possible.


Our next suggestion of space saving bathroom ideas is to use a single color on the walls of small bathrooms. Many designers and architects prefer white when planning their toilet or shower areas. This is because lighter colors give the impression of larger bathroom wall space and floor space. Combined with natural light, your bathroom will appear more spacious and spacious. We recommend using such light color palettes when designing your small bathroom, as lighter shades like beige or white can open up your bathroom space and create the effect of a light, airy space.


Our next suggestion is to tell you how a small bathroom can look bigger with tiles. Yes, you can give your small bathroom a spacious look with the play you make on the tiles. First, whether you have a shower cabin or a bathtub, you need to place the tile tiles from your wall to the ceiling. Extending the tiles to this height will make your bathroom appear more spacious, especially if you choose larger and lighter colored tiles. In this way, your wall tiles eliminate horizontal dividing lines. This will make your ceiling appear higher. A final piece of advice is to use a horizontal tile pattern to expand your floor space.


Yes, mounting your bathroom cabinets on the wall will provide usable space in terms of space. The idea of hanging your cabinets on the wall will be a very, very good decision to transform the bathroom of your dreams from a smaller space into one with plenty of depth and extra space.