Craft is Coming to Provide Order in Bathrooms with Its Functional Structure

Craft is Coming to Provide Order in Bathrooms with Its Functional Structure


ORKA Bathroom, which steers the bathroom culture with its aesthetic design line and functional products, brings together the power of design and the advantage of simplicity brought by large storage areas with its Craft product.

ORKA Bathroom, which designs bathrooms that defy time with its products that combine aesthetics and comfort, completes the bathrooms with "Craft", which has antibacterial properties and attracts attention with its abundant storage areas.

The design, which provides convenience with the organizer compartments and large areas in the drawers and cabinets, will be the choice of those who want a simple look in the bathroom, away from the details that will tire the eyes. In addition to its bold and simple appearance, Craft also stands out due to the antibacterial and easy-to-clean structure of the compact laminate material on the body and countertop. The compact laminate material, which is 100% resistant to surface abrasions and water, increases the sustainability of wet room furniture.

Matte italian lacquered black covers and a matte ceramic countertop washbasin in harmony with the cover color complete Craft with a noble look. Despite the difficulty of producing moisture-resistant and hygienically sustainable furniture, Craft, which is processed with 100% moisture-resistant and highly hygienic compact laminate material, can be easily cleaned and does not retain bacteria in its structure.

Craft proves the importance of the right material for sustainable hygiene in bathrooms, in an agenda that attaches great importance to personal hygiene and the cleanliness of living spaces.