Continuous Integrity and Maximum Hygiene in Bathroom

Continuous Integrity and Maximum Hygiene in Bathroom



ORKA Bathroom, which shapes the bathroom culture by combining superior design and technology, crowns the pleasure of bathroom by preventing bacteria and fungus growth with its Cube product in its 2020 Collection, where it highlights the advantage of "easy hygiene". With its monoblock counter and push-open and wide drawers without handles, Cube complements modern bathrooms with an uninterrupted integrity.

ORKA Bathroom, the innovative and manufacturer Turkish brand that speaks the power of design in the bathroom with its aesthetic design line and functional products, equips bathrooms, which are the starting point of home cleaning, with sustainable hygiene. One of the most important features of the ORKA Bathroom 2020 Collection, the advantage of "easy hygiene" is provided by the wooden body and easily cleanable acrylic material of the Cube product.

Complemented with eye-catching details that will turn bathrooms into living spaces, Cube achieves a holistic appeal with its modern lines, simplicity, and noble colour alternatives.  Cube, whose wooden body is covered with acrylic, combines with a monoblock washbasin counter with no obvious joints. Utilizing the unlimited design features of acrylic material, Cube provides an uninterrupted integrity and a modern look. The jointed, lacquered, handleless drawer front is combined with the touch-press-open rail system in the interior, continuing the uninterrupted integrity that started in the countertop. Cube, which can be produced in anthracite, gray, cappucino, mink, blue, or navy blue colours according to today's lacquer colour trends, can also be produced in different sizes according to user needs. Acrylic material, which stands out in bathroom furniture with its anti-bacterial and "easy hygiene" advantage, is preferred for its stain-proofing and easy removal of possible scratches and deformations.